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Annulment of a Marriage

What is Annulment?

An Annulment is a legal declaration by the Court that a marriage was not legally valid and changes the couple’s marital status back to what it was before the marriage took place. It means, in effect, that the marriage was never valid so it is therefore different to a divorce.

Annulments are preferable to some people due to personal, religious or cultural reasons, where they may not want to be labelled as being divorced.

What are the Grounds for Annulment of a marriage?

The legal grounds for Annulment are:

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What is the process for Annulment of a Marriage?contact us

The annulment process is in some ways similar to that of a divorce. One person must petition the other party for an annulment on one of the above grounds.

The petitioner to the divorce will attend Court and give evidence, after which a Judge will decide if the marriage is legal or void.

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