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Divorce and Family Legal Costs

At Hoole & Co. we will always try and deliver the best quality legal advice at the most reasonable cost possible.

For privately funded cases we will give you an estimate of the cost at the outset of your case. We will discuss funding options with you to try and find the best payment method for your circumstances.

How much does a Divorce cost?contact us

Family solicitors charge on an hourly basis for the work they carry out, therefore the cost of any legal work will depend on the complexity and extent of the work to be carried out. We will always try to give you an accurate estimate of costs at the outset of your case.

For example, a divorce may involve one or more of the following aspects that need to be dealt with:

The amount of work involved will vary with each case and will often depend on how much you and your ex-partner agree, or disagree on each aspect. Negotiations can be short or drawn out, depending on the attitude and willingness to agree of both parties.

A good family solicitor will help you to reach a favourable agreement whilst maintaining control of the costs. Please contact us for a consultation and we will assess your case and give you an estimate of the costs involved.

Who pays the legal fees for a divorce settlement?

In most cases, both parties will have their own solicitor and will be responsible for their own legal fees.

In certain circumstances it may be possible to include the payment of legal fees as part of the financial settlement if this is included in the negotiations.